• Step 1

    Fill out a preliminary form or call us. After a quick assessment, we’ll know which loan application to send.

  • Step 2

    Once we have the information needed to complete your loan, we’ll quickly produce your loan documents, and complete the transaction.

  • Step 3

    We pay the county in full so you are no longer delinquent and cannot incur extra costs with them. You no longer have to worry about fees and charges, a lawsuit, or a possible foreclosure.

Don’t wait any longer. Fill out the preliminary form now. Or give us a call at 210-529-8177 to learn more about how a property tax loan can help.
What is a property tax loan?
A property tax loan is made for the purpose of paying your property taxes on time so you do not incur delinquent fees. These fees increase each month and can be over 47% the first year in most Texas counties. Getting your taxes paid on time prevents the county from suing you, adding more legal costs, and/or foreclosing on your property for unpaid taxes.
How does it work?
A tax lien transfer (TLT) allows you to transfer your property tax obligation to PropTax Financing, which we pay in full directly to the county and other taxing entities. We pay the taxes, fees, penalties and interest. You pay us back through affordable monthly payments without having to pay a large lump sum to settle your property taxes. Our goal is to help you meet your property tax obligation and set you up on affordable monthly payments—with no payments due for 12 months. We provide TLTs to property owners throughout Texas.

Low Fixed Rates

We offer low fixed rates.

No Credit Check

We don’t pull individual credit reports.

No Cash Due at Closing

You come to closing with little more than your signature.

Ease of Mind

Eliminate fees, possible legal costs, and foreclosure worries.
Our Story
From the beginning we’ve embraced high standards, ethical business practices, and customer-focused regulation, benefitting taxpayers as well as taxing entities. Property owners appreciate our flexible terms and courteous customer service. Taxing entities appreciate our responsible business protocol and ability to expedite funding.
Our Mission
Our mission is helping Texans resolve tax debt and avoid foreclosure. We make a big difference in our clients’ lives and help them keep their homes and businesses.